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Rory Finch
MSc Strength & Conditioning.
BSc Sport & Exercise Therapist. 

After graduating from Leeds Beckett University in 2018, Rory is currently studying a master’s degree in Strength & Conditioning to further guide rehabilitation protocols and exercise prescription.

He has taken a keen interest in muscular endurance screening training and is currently reviewing the latest research in screening protocols to assist in preventing career-ending knee injuries such as damage to the ACL.

Having gained previous elite level experience within soft tissue therapy, injury assessment and rehabilitation with The Leeds Rhinos, Yorkshire Carnegie, Sheffield United F.C, Rory has gained further qualifications in Kinesiology taping L1 and Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilisation (IASTM) to further understand and treat the mechanisms of injury. There is no stone left unturned to ensure you have long-term success in returning to sport and assisting you in improving your performance. 


Dom Lamb
Level 3 Sports Massage

Since graduating from Sheffield Hallam University in 2021. Dominic underwent a level 3 sports massage qualification to start his journey in the world of sports rehabilitation. This Represents his hunger to develop his skillset and know and is currently applying for an MSc to further develop his craft.

Dom’s work at Buxton F.C. his vast amounts of knowledge which could have possibly taken him years to gain. Working with and around ex-premier league footballers he has learned how to behave and operate as if he is already at the top of his field.

Dominic is currently training to achieve his own goals. He is a national level sprinter with intentions to take it further and gain his first international vest with either team GB or England. He and three others currently share a national record in the 4x200m.

From a young age Dom has always displayed interest in the
anatomy of the human body, how it works and how injuries could affect his own future in sports.

Dominic is very understanding when it comes to injuries and the struggles that can come with this mentally as he has often been there himself, suffering from two grade 2 hamstring tears back in 2019 he is no stranger to being on the other side of bed. So rest assured you are in safe hands with Dom to allow you to get back to the level of physical activity or sport you participate in.